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The little girl behind the window

20 Jun

Between prison and freedom…

One month ago, my friends and I were taking pictures in Bourj Hammoud (Lebanon).  Suddenly we noticed a window where this little girl was standing looking at us. My first thought was to ask her : “What’s your name?” She looked at me with this scary shy look and didn’t reply.  As I heard her mother calling, I took pictures as fast as I could.

Prison                                                                                                                                                  In the first one, the little girl seems stuck in a prison, behind a grating; she can’t go out and play like other kids of her age.

The little girl behind the window - Stuck in a prison

The little girl behind the window – Stuck in a prison

Freedom                                                                                                                                             On the contrary, the second one shows a hole in the grating; it can be the the gateway to freedom.

The little girl behind the window - Gateway to freedom

The little girl behind the window – Gateway to freedom

It’s funny how you can take two picture at approximately the same moment of the same person but the subject of the two pictures is quite the opposite!


Spices and dried fruits from the world : Bourj Hammoud (Lebanon)

14 Jun

Suburb of Lebanon, Bourj Hammoud is known as the stronghold of the Armenian community who survived the genocide of 1915. A few weeks ago, in the presence of M.Maurice Weiss, a professional photographer and as part of a university seminar, I had to choose a theme that promotes the culture of Bourj Hammoud. My choice was the grocers of Marash street.

Quartier populaire du Liban, Bourj Hammoud est connu comme étant le fief de la communauté arménienne qui a survécue au génocide de 1915. Il y a quelques semaines, en présence de M.Maurice Weiss, photographe de métier et dans le cadre d’un séminaire universitaire, je devais choisir un thème mettant en valeur la culture de Bourj Hammoud. Mon choix s’est penché sur les nombreux épiciers de la rue Marash.

Spices in Bourj Hammoud - Marash Street

Spices in Bourj Hammoud – Marash Street

For me, the spices and dried fruits are a real spectacle for the senses. Variety of aromas, flavors, colors, shapes, names and origins from Armenia to Turkey via Syria, you will find everything. My photographic approach has been to create close spicy canvas. The result is kind of mysterious!

Pour moi, les épices et fruits secs sont un  véritable spectacle pour les sens. Variétés d’odeurs, de saveurs, de couleurs, de formes, de noms et d’origines; de l’Arménie, à la Turquie en passant par la Syrie, vous trouverez de tout. Mon approche photographique a été de réaliser des tableaux épicés rapprochés. Le mystère est au rendez-vous!

Spicy Canvas / Tableau épicé

Spicy Canvas / Tableau épicé

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Tell me what you think and what comes to your mind when you see the pictures!

Dites-moi ce que vous en pensez et ce qui vous viens à l’esprit quand vous regardez les photos!

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