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Will you marry me Mary?

4 May

Hi there! So last time, Mini monkey was wondering who was going to be his future wife  between the 4  gorillas female. Remember there was Mary, Lisa, Linda and Sandra.

Mary the shy one, Lisa the cute one, Linda the funny one, Sandra the sexy one

Well, he picked the shy one, Mary. Do you want to know why? Mini monkey told me that shy persons hide a lot of things and they can be very open-minded if you are patient with them! They can be sexy, funny and surely cute!

Do you want to know a secret?  They already have a mini gorilla baby! Yes mini monkey is very sexually active, he doesn’t waste his time!


Next time, I will give you some tips on how to talk to a shy person! You will be able to approach them without scaring them as mini monkey did with Mary!

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