How to approach shy people ?

6 May


Last time, my post was about mini monkey getting married with a shy female gorilla Mary. Today, I and the green monkey are going to give you some tips about how to approach shy people without intimidating her/him.

Shy people fear other’s people judgement, they can be embarassed with social life; you need to be patient to have them open up to you! Here you go with some tips that you might find helpful!

1-A soft voice and a smile
Smiling is a good and friendly manner to interact with shy people.

2-One person at a time
When you approach a shy person, don’t go as a group, it makes you kind of threatening. Try to get to know them individually and then you can introduce them to your friends.

3-Asking questions, yes, but limit them and avoid personal ones
You can talk about general subjects; focus on topics related to the place where you are at the time or get them onto a subject they care about. Shy persons are afraid to socialize and they’d rather listen to you than answer your questions so avoid the interrogation and talk a bit about yourself between every question.

4-Do not interrupt them, listen
It’s already difficult for a shy person to express herself, by giving her your attention she will trust you and feel comfortable around you. Let her speak and encourage her by giving positive feedback to their answers.

5-Be patient
Patience is really important; let them take their time to answer and to get used to you. Don’t pressure them, take your time and they will open up to you.

6-Oh he/she can talk!
Avoid teasing them about their shyness; it can be hurtful and really embarrassing. You don’t need to make them remember that they are shy, they already know it!

7-Let them breathe/Give them space
Shy people kind of live in their bubble; they feel safe at keeping distance with the world. They need more room; make sure not to pop the bubble, let them invite you inside!

I hope that this post will help you approach shy people because many of them deserve patience and love!


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